Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where did everybody go?

The blogosphere is ripe with retirements it seems. Hermitage is peacing out, and I have no idea where pipetting diva our lab rockstar went. And of course FSP.

My blog needs a bit more focus and less drama-ranting I think. So some spring [fall] cleaning is happening over here, I pulled down my past posts for now.  I'm rather attached to the name, so I don't want to close up shop and start over. Not that it matters. Thinking that all the papers I'm reading for quals should be put to good use, and disseminated.

We will see.

1 comment:

  1. My dear Rxn, I apologize for leaving you hanging. You see, the Rockstar is decisive, like a knife. A science knife. Er... a scalpel, even.

    My reasoning went as follows: if I spent less time being an anonymous voice howling in the dark on the internet and more time cavorting with my friends and family, I would be happier. This has been true. Furthermore, because I had started a hilarious and increasingly popular blog did not mean that I was in any way beholden to my adoring--yet uncompensatory--readership. In other words, I realized that I am basically made of awesome (and muscle) and I was giving my time for free to strangers on the internet when I could be giving my time for money to strangers on the internet--or even people I know in real life.

    The dude using thepipettingdiva address is not Rockstar. He seems pretty nice, though.

    That being said, know that I still love each and every one of my anonymous, probably serial-killing blog-friends. It's just that I've gone to a better place. One where genius is no longer free, and geniuses hug their families more.